SFDC: How To

How to display NAME of Salesforce Record ID in formulas.

Recently I came across one Salesforce hack, that can significantly increase your Salesforce organisation user productivity, if seeing Record Type, User, Profile or Role, etc. NAMES makes sense to your business, while doing search.


AFTER (Account Record Type has been added)

Question: So, after building a formula for the Record Type, User or Profile, Role, etc., why can't we still see the NAME, but only something like this "0122000000032F1"?

Answer: Although records display the name of a RECORD, these are special fields that only store the ID.

1. Go to Setup
2. In the Quick Search menu type in "Record Type"

3. Select the Record type you want to update (in my case - Account Record Types)

4. Open all your Record Types in new tabs
5. Go to --> Customize --> Accounts (or any other object)
6. Create new Formula field (select - visible for all profiles, don't visible on the page layouts)
7. Create Formula using function "CASE"

8. And now you will be able to edit Search view by clicking "Customize" in the right corner and adding you newly created formula.

P.S. Please note. Best practise for this hacks, is to do it in Production environment, as if you move formula from Sandbox to Production it may break as IDs can change between environments. If you want to try it first in Sandbox environment, you could use recordtype.name in your formula.

Let me know if you have any questions.