SFDC: How To

How to become a Top Salesforce Consultant?

Did you know that the job market is currently experiencing a shortage of Salesforce professionals? This is why a thorough understanding of Salesforce can be very valuable. It’s not only very important to understand what is happening in the technology space but to have good knowledge in consulting too. If you’ve got the right skills and qualities on your CV, you’re very likely to be hired.

But what makes a good Salesforce Consultant and how can you make sure you’re being the best you can be?

Here are 8 key skills which make a great Salesforce Consultant:

  • Open Communication - If your clients send you an email to ask you something, try to answer it as soon as possible - even if the answer is “Thanks, I have received your message. I will look into this and come back to you as soon as possible.” Remember that your clients don’t like to wait, but they will be more understandable if they know that you are looking into their request. If there is no response, they will blame you for bad client support. This is why managing client expectations is key.

  • Change Management - If you notice any changes related to the project you are working on either via email, phone or in meetings, you must inform your project manager. Also, if there are any new requirements, make sure you discuss these with your project manager and ask for change request, if needed. Devote time to understand your clients' business structure and be open and honest with them about the project development and possible complications.

  • Listen and Analyse - As a Salesforce Consultant you must have good listening and analytical skills. Remember that the results of your work are based on the gathered requirements from workshops, meetings etc. You don’t have to answer all the questions in the clients' workshop or the meeting straight away. Listen to their requirements, write everything down and investigate. You also need to have good judgment skills and strong arguments when you confront a problem - and getting there sometimes takes time. Missing key points could have significant impact on how you report back.

  • Good Team Player - Always notify and update your team on the progress and any obstacle you may be facing. If you are working with somebody for the first time it is good practice to discuss your approaches and experience to make sure you and your team are on the same page.

  • Communicate Internally too - Ensure your manager is aware of your career dreams and ambitions, so he/she can help you achieve your goals even faster. Ask about all the possible options of attending any courses or training or what interesting projects are coming up. Show how interested you are and always know that you are being valued on the basis of your knowledge. Improve your skills and learn from Senior Consultants.

  • If you don’t Ask... - Don’t be afraid to ask for anything that helps you become more motivated and productive at work. Don’t be afraid to ask for any equipment, mentoring or training. Be more proactive and ask for the things you need. Most organisations are happy to invest in professional development if they know you are committed.

  • Get your Certs - Salesforce is a customer success platform and part of their offering is three new releases each year totally free of charge. Keeping up to speed with all the new functionality is vital. Always try to learn something new, gain your experience working on interesting and challenging projects. And don't miss the opportunity to get cloud-certified - this boosts your career and enables you to contribute even more to your organisation's success. Learn more about Salesforce Certifications here.

  • Grow your Knowledge and Network - Salesforce.com is regularly organising meetups where you can get together with other Salesforce users, administrators, developers, or AppExchange vendors. Look out for meetups that are happening in your local area and join to learn more about getting the most out of Saleforce, discuss best practices and network and socialise with like-minded people. Or just listen to geeky podcasts and be aware of what is happening in the Cloud world. Check out “ButtonClick Admin Podcast”.

Kristina Alexandra