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How To Become Certified Pardot Specialist and Pass the Exam?

To be honest with you, this was probably the hardest exam I have ever done.

Possible reason why?

  • I was involved in my first Pardot implementation project December 2016
  • And my second Pardot project that I was doing on my own I started January 2017
  • Before and during I was reading a lot of theoretical material about Pardot

So even though I was familiar with all the terminology, I have red the theory and had hands on experience, it was still not enough to feel very confident during the exam.

Why do I think so?

  1. 59 of 60 questions I had in my exam I have never seen before (makes sense right?, but I am sure if you have passed exams like 201, 401, sales cloud… you would know that there are ways on getting a hold off real or similar exam questions. And I think it all comes down to how long this exam exist. In the case of Pardot, it's very fresh.)
  2. It takes time for your brain to really remember what is what and know things by heart
  3. You need to probably implement 10+ projects to feel mega confident with the system

These are the steps I took to pass the exam:

  1. Read twice and epitomised the following documentation
  2. When through and epitomised questions & answers from this Pardot quiz
  3. Went through all modules provided by Pardot

These are the following topics that were coming up during the whole exam (HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO KNOW THESE!!!!)

When I think is a great timing to start looking into passing the exam?

I hope this information was helpful, if anything --> please let me know and I will try to do my best to help. :)