What happens with a record in Pardot if the Lead/Contacts is Deleted in Salesforce?

Many companies now are implementing or already implemented internal marketing process improvements to support GDPR law requirements that took place on the 25th of May 2018.

In one of my projects we implemented a custom solution that also had a checkbox named ‘Forgotten’ and whenever it is checked on a Lead or Contact record (there was a trigger running in the backend), the Lead/Contact record in Salesforce would be automatically deleted and also all the field values on the record like phone, email, address etc. were deleted as well.

Very unfortunately, once record is deleted in Salesforce it looses a connection with Pardot.

So this means that the record with all the field values (email, phone, address etc) is still in Pardot.

Bad. Right? - YES!

So, to fix this issue we did couple of steps.

1. First, I created a List in Pardot that has a dynamic —> criteria show all records where CRM Status = Deleted. This is too make sure Pardot Admin can log in once in a while in Pardot and easily delete all the records that are on the lists.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 14.53.16.png

2. Second, I created an automation rule that updates Email Sending Statuses to Oped-Out (in the screenshot below you can see that we had a combination of default & custom fields). Also, I am updating prospects Status to Closed and removing any tags. Basically, I am removing any valuable info that places this prospect in any of other lists.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 14.54.58.png

3. Third, I am creating another automation rule that clears all the available in Pardot field values on the records. So basically, it becomes invaluable for the business and is just waiting for a final deletion from the Admin side (as at the moment there is no rule that allows me to also delete the record in Pardot if the CRM Status field = Deleted).

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 14.55.51.png

I hope this will be helpful on your GDPR journey.

I am very keen to hear how you are doing with GDPR internally and what solutions/has have you implemented??

Happy to host any of your ideas on my website. :)