Use Pardot Dynamic Content feature to Populate Banner and Footer based on the Business Unit or Brand

Did you knew that you can have dynamic Banners and Footers in your email template?

The best use case to illustrate this need would a company that has multiple products that each are known as separate/individual brands in the market.

The great example would be L’Oréal that is richly endowed with a portfolio of international brands that is unique in the world and that covers all the lines of cosmetics and responds to the diverse needs of consumers the world over.

To maintain a few:

  • Lancome

  • Bioterm

  • Kiehls

  • Diesel

  • Victor Rolf

  • Urban Decay

  • Ralph Lauren

  • … and others.

Lets imagine a scenario when L’Oréal whats to send out a 100 year anniversary newsletter to all customers and include a 10% voucher code for a product customer has bought the most. Additionally they would like to display a banner and a footer related to the brand and voucher they send the discount for.

In Pardot this can be easily achieved by creating a Dynamic content for each area, so in the example mention above we would create a Dynamic content for Banner, Footer and a paragraph where we are adding the information and code for the voucher code.

And of course make sure to create a fallback/default version to make sure if case of missing value, customer will receive email with general/one-fit-all type of version.

Please see an example for Dynamic banner below:

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