2. The difference between evaluation options on the Pardot Engagement Studio Trigger

In this short post I am looking to bring a bit of awareness about the difference in between to Ev

Evaluation options we get when creating a Trigger in the Engagement Studio.

1. Evaluate When? - Up to a maximum of X days.

When you set a ‘Wait period of up to x number of days’ it means that trigger will evaluate if a prospect has met the criteria of the trigger within the set ‘listening period’ and they will be moved onto the next step straight away.
This is moving them in real-time and the prospect is controlling their own movement through the program based on when they engage with it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 11.24.56.png

2. Evaluate When? Wait X days.

When you can set a  ‘Wait period of x days’ it means all prospects will be evaluated for the criteria of the trigger after this set period of time.
Whether a prospect has engaged with your content or not, they will all be held at this step until the time period has elapsed and Pardot evaluates them against the criteria of the trigger.
This would be useful when you want to control the length of time a prospect takes to move through the program and ensures that prospects move to the next step at the same time.

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