My Must Haves

About me - True story

I live and breathe well-being and productivity. I obsoletely don't mind spending some extra on organic coffee, my daily comfort and growth. I surround my self with things that motivates me, inspires and sparks creativity and just makes me feel awesome.

So here are my TOP things. :)


This is my everyday toolkit, my = work, self development/growth, social and lifestyle kit. And I need it all.

Books That Literally changed my life + Good Read

MY Fuel

My food philosophy. I eat to be healthy and energised, to feel light and productive, to be fit and active. I always start my day with Bulletproof Coffee (first meal of the day), it it super easy to make, you can even take all the ingredients and coffee maker with you when you are traveling, so it has been a life changing habit for me. My second meal of the day is smoothie, that usually consists of half of avocado, 1 banana, fresh berries, chia seeds, Maca powder and 1 scoop of Sunwarrior protein powder. After that I make sure I take all my supplements. And I like to have them all - from A to Spirulina. :)