First Hand Review: Simplilearn’s Online Salesforce Admin & App Builder Certification Training Course

There is no doubt regarding the capabilities of as a platform to enhance businesses for companies big and small. Salesforce is already used by more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies with only more and more shifting to Salesforce every year. With their business and ecosystem growing at a rate of more than 18% year-on-year, Salesforce is poised to be the market leader in the CRM space for years to come. 

But the real question is – how can you make a great career out of Salesforce. The first step to establish your Salesforce proficiency is to get certified. Salesforce certifications is one of the hottest topics in the Salesforce industry sought after by everyone from freshers to consultants alike. To pass the Salesforce certification exams, you have to ensure you have covered all the topics given in the Official Salesforce Study Guide for that exam. While there are dozens of resources online to study for the exams from blogs to online guides to flash cards, there are very few which cover all the topics comprehensively with a single focus to get you certified, and people often ask me to suggest a few of the same.

To help people make a more informed choice, I want to share my experience of reviewing one of probably the best sources for studying for the Salesforce Certification Exams – Simplilearn’s Salesforce Administrator and App Builder Certification Training Course.

What is the objective of the course?

This course is designed to ensure that you learn Salesforce, master the concepts of Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Platform App Builder, and clear the ADM 201 & DEV 401 certification exams in the first attempt and get job-ready by the end of the course. The training will help you understand how to administer & configure Salesforce by following the principle of “learn by doing”. The entire training is conducted on the Salesforce platform, so it’s the most practical and hands-on way of learning the software.

Who should take this course?

This course is suited for the following candidates:

    •    Freshers who are planning to land a job in the Salesforce industry, or working professionals looking to make a career switch to Salesforce. The Admin and App Builder Certification are the foundation of Salesforce and it is advised to have extensive knowledge of both for anyone making a career in it.

    •    Working Professionals who want to add to their skillset by getting certified in Salesforce. Whether you’re a developer, technical engineer, admin, end-user etc. from any background like IT, Marketing or Sales, you can take up this course.

    •    Senior Managers, Technical leads etc. who are in a company using Salesforce for better understanding of the software to help in improving their business and leading teams using Salesforce.

How is the Training Delivered?

This course is available in two formats:

    •    Self-Paced Learning: You get access to 16+ Hours of High-Quality E-Learning content which are sets of videos made by industry-experts that you can study at your pace and is available for 180 days which is more than sufficient to finish and revise the course. I loved the content and the instructional methodology, and the demos are done on the Salesforce platform which you can emulate on your own in the Salesforce Developer Account.

    •    Instructor-led Live Online Classroom: The online classroom instructor-led program is offered via the “Flexi-pass” feature. This feature allows access to multiple batches of training, across time zones, for a period of 90 days. The Flexi-Pass also provides access to high quality e-learning content for 180 days to enable self-paced training. Also, all the live classes you attend are recorded and you get a lifetime access of the instructor-led sessions to revise them anytime in the future. 

Why you should take the course?

Reasons to definitely take the course.

    •    Course designed by the best: The course director is Mr. Ben McCarthy, a 7x Certified Salesforce Most Valuable Professional or in short, an MVP, an award given to only a few by Salesforce for their leadership and knowledge in the field. Mr. Ben has designed the course ensuring that the syllabus benefits people from all industries and he gives his input from time-to-time ensuring the course always remains updated.

    •    8 Real-World Industry Projects: When I spoke to a few customers regarding what they look for in a training, the most sought after feature came out to be industry projects. People take the training to finally be industry-ready and Simplilearn gives you a chance to do the same by providing 8 projects (4 newly added recently) from different industries to make sure that there is one for everyone. Also, students can take up all the projects if they want for extra practice to get an edge over others.

    •    Affordable: The Flexi-Pass (Instructor-Led Online Training + Online Recorded E-learning videos) comes at a cost of $1,399 in the US and Rs. 26,999/-, which is very affordable compared to many other players like Stony Point and Salesforce own training which is at around $4200. 

    •    Course Aligned to the Official Salesforce Study Guide: Mr. Ben, having been certified 7x times, knows from a first-hand experience how to prepare for the certification exams. And so, the syllabus for this course is exactly in alignment with the Salesforce Official Study Guide which ensures you don’t have to worry about any topic being missed. Even in the instructor-led classes, the trainers are really good and know the exact weightage for each topic that comes in the exam and plan the classes accordingly. So planning is something that you can definitely cross off from your to-do-list. 

    •    Simulation Tests, Case Studies, and Quizzes: I believe that whenever you study a course, there should always be knowledge check-points in between to test your knowledge and to reinforce what you’ve just learnt. This course has Industry Case Studies and Quizzes at the end of each Chapter to test your knowledge and ensure that you’ve understood a concept before moving on to the next one. Also, at the end of the course, there are 4 simulation test papers exactly in the same format as Salesforce Certification Exams that you can practice before clearing the main exam. Even in the Instructor-led training, the instructors consciously keep these knowledge checks at regular intervals for the same purpose. 

    •    Flexi-Pass: As already mentioned, you get access to multiple batches of the live instructor-led sessions over 90 days as well as access to the self-paced recorded videos. So whatever format of learning suits you, you have that option. 

    •    Course Completion Certificate: At the end of the course, you are entitled to a course completion certificate if you fulfil the following criteria.

    •    Completion of at least 85% of the eLearning course

    •    Submission of project as per course requirements

    •    Successfully meeting the project evaluation criteria set by our experts

The projects will seem easy if you take up the course sincerely. In fact, I like the criteria set as it makes sure that when you get the certificate, you also have done an industry-project to truly grasp the subject and also get industry-relevant experience. 

    •    Experience from past students

Professionals who have taken the Salesforce certification training in the past from Simplilearn seem extremely satisfied. From my due diligence, I found that the quality of the trainers and the course content is much appreciated by everyone. Many have landed their certification soon after completing the course. Some of the few reviews I have found from students are:

Mircea Iliescu (Co-Founder/Supply Chain Manager at BrandShout SRL) – Very clear and easy to understand! The trainer has good training skills, with a lot of patience towards us and our questions. And we end up learning by doing! The training clarified most of the topics that were not 100% clear to me. Keep up the good work!

Riju Mahadevan (Stock Controller at Meydan) - This course is exactly like a direct classroom coaching and that too in a very simplified manner. Concepts were explained well, giving clarity to begginners like me who has zero knowledge of Salesforce. Really appreciate Simplilearn for giving us the opportunity to attend this training.

What are the cons of taking up the course?

    •    The access period is 180 days which is more than enough for most Salesforce Certification Aspirants, but it would be much better to be able to select a shorter access period for a lower price to give finer control over the cost.

    •    The training is not free. There are some free resources from Salesforce and some blogs which offer free content to learn Salesforce, butwhile I say that, they are not organized and many times, not up-to-date also.    

Overall Recommendation

The course is a comprehensive practical-oriented solution to your preparation for the certification exams prepared by top experts in the Salesforce industry. It follows the right teaching methodology following the principle of “lean by doing” as the training happens on the Salesforce platform, having knowledge checks at the right points in forms of case studies and quizzes.  The project in the end ensures you get a wholesome revision and firm grasp of the entire course.

The self-paced module is available for just $699 in the US and Rs.7999 in India. The instructor led / online classroom module can be availed at $1399 in the US and Rs. 26,999/- in India. After looking around a bit, I’ve come to realize that it’s difficult to find a course in this price range which offers such an immense array of offerings being provided.

So overall, if you’re preparing to be certified or become industry-ready in Salesforce, I would recommend taking up this course.

End Notes

I hope this review would help you in deciding on your first or next big Salesforce course. If you have any questions about the program, I’ll be happy to share my views & perspective. If I don’t have the answer myself, I’ll reach out to people who do.

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