Radian6 User Roles. Who is - Full User, Requisitioner, Dashboard User, Read-Only User, Engagement Console Only and Super User.

User Roles Overview

User Roles provide an organization with control over what individual users can do within Salesforce Radian6. The five User Types are:

Full User - This type of user has full access to the system. Users can configure Topic Profiles, update Topic Profiles, and have full control over the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard.

Requisitioner - This type of user has limited access to Topic Profile Configuration. An e-mail will be sent to a designated person requesting approval when they attempt to set up a new Topic Profile (they will see a popup notification informing them that an approval is required).

Dashboard User - Users of this type can adjust widgets and have full control over their Dashboard. They cannot create new Topic Profiles or reconfigure existing Topic Profiles.

Read-Only User - Users will have access to pre-defined dashboards. They cannot adjust/create widgets or Topic Profiles, and cannot create new Topic Profiles.

Engagement Console Only - Users will only have access to the Engagement Console and will not be able to access the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard.

Super User - The Super User role is an administrative role for your Radian6 environment. Super Users can add, delete, change and re-assign people’s User Roles, and have all the Radian6 environment access of a Full User.

What is Salesforce Radian6?

Salesforce Radian6 is a social media monitoring platform for marketers to study customer opinions on their products in real-time. For more details, please visit this link -

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